The formation of the Indiana Avenue Church of God In Christ began in the early winter of 1923, when several of the saints who had banded together for a prayer meeting, agreed to build an edifice for worship in the community in which they lived.  The small group agreed that Elder A.M. Miller would serve as their pastor.  The trustee board of Lockport School was contacted and they agreed to allow this group to hold services in the portables of the school.  Services were held there until the summer of 1923.  During a tent revival that same summer about 18 people gave their hearts to the Lord.  In the spring of 1924, a parcel of land was donated to Elder Miller for the building of the edifice.  A drive was put forth and each member pledged $25.00 for the construction of the building.  Lumber was purchased from The Greeley Lumber Company.  Mr. Harvey Williams, with the help and input from the brothers at the church, framed the building.  Brother and Sister Miley bought all of the wood and lighting fixtures.  The electrical work was done by the Draw brothers, who also helped with the plastering.  Brother Brantley constructed the first benches with the lumber that remained, and thus, the Church was born.



The dedication of the historic church took place on the first Sunday of June 1925, where the late Dr. Stafford conducted the service.  Elder Alexander M. Miller served as pastor from 1923 to 1926.  The late Bishop Cleveland Anderson, Sr. succeeded Elder Miller.  Under his leadership, the membership increased tremendously.  Services were broadcast over radio station WJBK.  In 1943, Bishop Anderson was appointed State Bishop over the Northeastern Michigan Jurisdiction Church of God In Christ.  Because of the many demands placed upon him, he relinquished his pastoral responsibilities to Elder Ernest Walker, who served as pastor until 1947.  Pastor Walker was succeeded by Elder Ozie A. Evans who was appointed by the founder of the Church of God In Christ, the Late Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, in 1948.  During his tenure as pastor, the church experienced tremendous growth and prosperity.  Elder  Ozie A. Evans was appointed Superintendent under the auspices of The Late Bishop Cleveland L. Anderson, Jr., Prelate for The Great Lakes Jurisdiction of Michigan COGIC and served in that capacity for over 25 years.  He later served the same as Special Assistant to The Bishop until Bishop Anderson was called home.  Superintendent Evans son, Bishop Lewis E. Evans, founder and Prelate of  S.E.A.D. International Fellowship, consecrated Superintendent Evans to the office of Bishop in the year of 2001. Several great leaders were groomed and nurtured under the leadership and administration of Bishop Ozie A. Evans, such as Bishop Alfred M. Smith, Prelate of Great Lakes Jurisdiction #2, Bishop Lewis E. Evans, Prelate of  S.E.A.D. International Fellowship, The Late Bishop Clifford C. Dunlap, former Prelate of Great Lakes Jurisdiction# 1,  Mother Anita Hollis, State Supervisor of Women, for the Great Lakes Jurisdiction# 2.  These are just a few of the notables who have  served under the leadership of the Late Bishop Ozie A. Evans, and were former members of the church.  In May of 2004, Elder Lester T. Evans, the youngest son of Bishop Ozie A. Evans, became pastor of the Indiana Ave Church of God In Christ.  In October 2004, we celebrated the Pastoral career of Bishop Ozie A. Evans for 56 years of faithful service to the Historic Church.




The church and all it stands for, continues to be a place of true worship and a sanctuary for all who enter in.  We give thanks to God and for all the saints, past and present, who labored unceasingly to make this church what it is today.  May we so live that in due time we might enter into that rest prepared for the people of God as those gone on before us.